23 February 2008


okay. i continue my last blog bout the vacation. been there for about a week.2 days at noble hotel. hotel which is lil uncomfortable as the room is too small but nice to stay since it is located at jalan tunku abdul rahman where uncountable stalls there selling tudung's and yummy food!!! i bought loads of tudong as my mom always complaining im wearing most of hers.hehe.at there also i learnt bout he word "aney" which is an appropriate name to call the mamak brother in tamil.haha..the food were yummy n at the reasonable price. but one thing, damned spicy. i remember when i ate nasi kampung at one of te stall's there, i excidentally chewed the chillies.OMG!! i need 3 glass of water which full with ice to avoid my tongue from numb. the stall's worker smiled at me everytime i asked for more water. that bad chilly.grrr..

after 2 days, we moved to the nikko hotel, an elegant hotel like a palace which complete with big room, nice service n the state of the art building.no wonder it is so expensive kan? huhh.bak kata my dad, besusah-susah dulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.hehehe. at there meet my bros. we went to sogo, sg wang plaza, then erm..klcc suria, n etc etc.cant remember.hehe.i also learnt how to use the lrt although the routes were too berbelit . in the lrt, i met with an old english lady (i guess) bergayut at the tali provided for those passengers who are standing to avoid from jatoh.since i'm seating one of the seat, i offered my seat to the old lady.she replied with a sweet smile, ' tak mengape.di sane ade tempat kosong.saye suke berdiri' in the english accent. im just like..okay..haha..its weird to hear european to speak malay.huhuhu

the next day, we went to genting!! yeay!! we as in me n my brother. the weather there is fine and luckily no kabus since we went there at noon. too cold causing my hand kept shaking. we went to play corkscrew the rollercoaster, all type of rollercoaster n go cart n much more!! the exhilarating day cost me rm42 if im not mistaken,we having good time there as my parent didnt come along with us. devil us,uhuhuhu. that's only the vacation that i never dream bout.

ok guys.need to go.chiao

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