21 February 2008


at last!! after a week.waa..so sorry didnt update u for a long time dear bloggy.been back from kl.wow..a city that never sleep. been there about a week.enjoying i guess..maybe just a family trip since my brothers study there. kira menyelam sambel minum la tek.

at first da juwak la cultural shock at there but i adapt to my surrounding preety fast. i stuck with my i-dun-care-bout-anybody attitude maybe a major reason 4 the fast adaptation at the new surrounding.i've seen couple cuddling in public which is sooooooooo unusual 4 me. (see how gud gurl i am) haa..then i saw many kinds of people with different background and colour. i like to see the arabian costume most.especially the female who wear purdah n jubah but also wear those jeans inside i found it really nice tho.huhuhu

thats all 4 now.i'll continue later _out_

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