14 February 2008

what a day!!

phew..too many things happen today. here it goes.

woke up at 6.23 am something2. go for jog with my dear fren juju,specifically playing basketball (as owez.i'm addicted with the orange ball).When we were stretching ourselves (asa owg gimnastic jak) at those exercise thinggy at the park,someone that we dont even know suddenly out of the blue greet us. at first we soo think he is chinese.but then he talk malay.haiya.he is malay and uber friendly! he amazed us as he jog from his house to the park which is maybe 7km or 10 km away.i dont think i can beat him.hahah. we talked.played the ball, talkin and the best part is we become friends! yeay!!a new friend named muiz!!

soon after arrived at home,mom shouted at a higher pitched sond from the stairs, "mandik gik nun! kaktok mok pegi blaja gik'. laaa..lom masok uma gik tok baa..then we jetted off to the driving academy.at there, i wasted about 1/2 an hour worthlessly waiting for the arrival of my dear instructor.i messanged him asking where is he. he just replied that he cant teach me that day since he had something to do.bodo!! at least padah la awal nak?? then things wnet mad. I complained bout it to the administration of the academy. if he try to do things like that again eithout any doubt i will ask to change my instructor.huh

after being stupid arse at the academy. i went to the clinic since my skin is sooo dry until it mengelupas and become pedih.ouch. the doctor said my skin cannot directly in contact with any brand and type of soap and detergent,hahah..my skin sooooo picky.he said kulit orang kaya ini.kui2..

late in the evening went out with my dear senior searching for nothing.hahaha..we love to jalan2 baa..ate the waffle..sedap ooo.. yea..she's gonna go to miri to continue her study.gud luck 4 her. Parok!! jaga nya aa!! mun x ku tukuk palak ko! huahuahua.im signing off.thats all for now
_ out_

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