14 May 2008

back with pain

im back again but now with pain
saya cabut gigi!!
i wish i can take my own pic when the operation occur though
there r 2 teeth at the very back of the gusi
all of my teeth grew normally upward but this odd 2 last teeth grew like 90 degrees to the east/west
i guess i have too much teeth until there is no room or space left for them
pity them
the operation took about an hour
an hour of disaster and pain
urh..i got like maybe a quarter litre of the pelali
and the dentist use various type of tool to cabut the gigi
some of them look like screwdriver
i got stiches too!!
damn great!

my mom going to kuching today n dad go to kl
im home alone..maybe not since my brother is here too
well im bored to death nothing to do at home
urghh i miss my friendss
all of them
balit gik torang eyhh
hahaha =p
gotta grab some aspirin to relieve the pain

and yeahh..hepi anniversary monthsary to my mr ngegeh driverman.it is 4 month la dear.
u r soo bad..huh

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