11 May 2008

driving license~~

continuation on the last story..

now im back. too many things happened.let me continue the story about my vacation to the KL. eh, nothing left.it finished already..haha.. =p

after that vacation. (about a week after that) i prepared myself for my driving lessons, which is "err..ok, wth i have to deal with it".i spent about a month attending those bored classes.i got a nice yet pendiam male intructor which is good.we cant choose our own insructor though. cam beysa la kan..men does not as fussy as women.so yea.he's iban.hence, i dun have any dificulty to communicate with him.hahakk..

on the first day of the lessons.he asked me whether i already knew how to drive or not (bonus ques..haha) n of definitely my answer is NO athough i knew how to drive since i want to bully him to teach me from the scratch.ngahaha..from the beginning laa.kah2 bebaloi juwak la duit kita baya kann?? haa..he asked me to drive in the circuit only.easy task.and i just like.."ok i knew how to drive and using thost shift stick"..at last,i drove without waiting 4 his instruction. i only hears "go left or right,drive,stop,reversed".thats all.haha.he jeling me.owww..ngeh2.maybe in his heart "cis..padah x tauk drive" huahuahua..

the next day and the day after that ( mok memendekkan cerita la tek). i drove in the circuit include the S parking..erm L parking n slope.i hate that slope.aiyaa.that thing always made my car reversed by itself.haha..n then we went on the road and shifted the place from time to time. i glad i got a cool instructor.he didnt even care where im going to drive.haha.its just like i drive, he busy with his hp.i wonder with whom did he messaged. in that 1/2 hour, his mobile didnt stop ringing.aiyyyaaaa. fyi, the class actually 1 hour but it had been reduce to 1/2 hour (dalam report nya tulis sejam) n i don know why.ish2

after about a month, i went for pra, preparation for jpj test.n i pass that pra.huahuahua but surprisingly, i had to take those jpj test twice! bwahahaha.i dont pass with flying colors.. its okay though,i stick to this saying.."second chance will always be better then the first one" (cney ka dapat kata2 gya). i failed the S parking so badd!!hahaha..the jpj officer half shouted at me 'ok kamu gagal..boleh pegi sana balek!' without any feelings.when i was tested for the on the road,the jpj officer asked me to drive faster so that his job can be done in a short time.hahaha..and he didnt even evaluate me,woww...

as i resit the jpj test,i had trouble on the slope..vroom vrooom!!! hahaha..i tried twice or maybe more than that.for the forth time,my car moved forward and ii bet the whole academy and peeps in the circuit can hear the sound of my car's exhaust.huahuahua..then tadaaa!! i got my lisence!!
hahhaha..thats all fr now peeps..for those my frens who will facing the jpj test.just relax and enjoy your drive!! hhahaha -Out-

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