11 May 2008

dup dap dup cikadupp

wahh..im too busy recovering my memory to write it in this blog.since i have plenty time.so i just write it la k?? sorry 4 the late post haa!!

dup dap dup dap

the sound of my heart before taking my spm result
ish2..damn nervous.since we need to take those result at dewan suarah, i got some time to do some "gardening" and mencabut rumput.huahuahua

oo yeaaa..i am sooooooo extremely happy and grateful that i got 7A1 2A2 1B3..its easier called as 9A campo2.hahaha.i got B3 for physics, A2 for my biology and est.hmmmm..

after all those agenda,me ziyan juju noor esther bidai jasmine louisa,erm asing n some more crew went to cinemaa!!duyong mali!!
fly money flyyy

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