16 June 2008

3's questionnaire

3 names that your friends call you

3 most important dates in your life
*24 of March
*12 of January
*10 of April

3 things you've done in the last 33 minutes
*went to eng tat
*tickled achoi
*shouted at ameng ordering her to come home

3 ways to be happy
* smile as big and wide as you can
*singing songs
*hang out with friends

3 of your favorite songs as for now
*love songs - Sara Bareilles
*take a bow - Rihanna
*stepping stone - Duffy

3 things u love in a guy/girl
*sense of humor
*open minded
*his eyes

3 groups you always miss
* my family
*my loves ameng amot achoi
* my dear and friends. =)

3 gifts you would like to receive
*CHOCOLATE please..
*a car
*a laptop for me

3 of your favorite hobbies
*listen to the booty shaking music
*kaco my meow meow
*eat eat and EAT

3 places you want to go for your next vacation

3 favorites cartoon or anime characters
*lambo the calf
*shin chan

3 malls you went recently
*parkson miri
*new world mall
*boulevard miri

3 favorite drinks
*diet coke
*pepsi max
*sky juice

3 things found in your bag

3 favorite perfume/cologne
*gorgie on ice
*karisma maya (hahaha)

3 favorite colours

top 3 hangouts
*my house

top 3 you loved so much
*my family
*my mr ngegeh
*my frends n kitty

top 3 u remember when you are answering this survey
*a bar chocolate in the refrigerator
*my mr ngegeh who just arrive from his hometown
*shahirah..she tagged me!!

top 3 who do you think will answer this survey
*everybody who read my post and own a blog

top 3 things special to you
*my gadgets
*my specs.i cant live without my glasses

top 3 attitudes u like

3 reasons you answer this survey
*shah tagged me!!
*I'm willingly to sacrifice my time to answer it
*i have nothing to do right now

top 3 why are you busy at this time
*I'll be going to further my study really soon
*i have to settle bunch of things
*i am a BUSY person!

3 lucky people..next are

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