23 June 2008

busy bee

hello there!!

im back!!

70% healhty

20% of tiredness and weariness

10% of missing someone

today a friend of mine comes to BINTULU!!!waaa bedah!!(its actually saiyidah but i prefer to call her BEDAH) bertemu kembali saya dgn kamu
hahaha.she asked me to drive her to islamic bank aka bank islam since sibu dont have one.ish ish ish..tekejut saya mendengar penyataan itu

i fetched her at the bus station approximately 11.00 am. then we both went to the bank at around 11++ something2..she wanted to open a new account while im waiting in a very long line to pay the uitm fee..gila eh..my number is 1116 (nombor keramat hari ini) as the counter still calling for 1065 or 66 if im not mistaken.asa nak ku humban jak suma lam sigek kurungan so that my business can be done as soon as possible.

after hours (asa sejam stengah jak laa) of waiting..then finally it is my turn!! yeyeh..finishing my thinggy,then we both went to kampung assyakirin to pick up dayang maznah! yabih..its been ages ago i havent see her her.nama jak sama skola dolok.hahah..she still the same..round face..cute chinese sepet eyes..still love to slap peeps hands.hahah..and talkative (this is for sure). sigek gik cita lawak.when me and a-dah went to search for dayang's house..proudly to say that i lost!! nama jak org bintulu p area kampong assyakirin pon bleh sesat!!hahah..took for about 15 minutes ronda2 carik address uma dayang ya.hehehe

back to the story.erm..after all the fetching and picking up session,we went to mall untuk mengisi perut yg kosong except for me as i am fasting..then we met k rafi next rongge2 in the mall.dah exhausted walking through the whole store,berpindah plang pegi beach.tapi pa bleh buwat morg pegi time matahari 45 darjah dari palak.hahah.we just took bunch of photos and blah to kidurong area.

all n all..i had a blast day today..hope to meet my old frens soon.got to go.blahh

p/s :im sorry i didnt have time to meet you..so sorry dear..hee maafkan kami!!

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