20 August 2008

holiday..fun?? bored?? or plain??


im here again
on this lovely cold-shivered-my-spine night
with dozens of mosquitos as my companion

so im on holiday!!!

cant describe the feeling of waking up late at noon
not going anywhere except 'membuta'ing in my room
then went to fill up my empty stomach
then yea..study..i know..kinda lame
but what to do..im so self-conscious when it comes bout study
nothing special bout my hols

on that particular friday,
i went to my family 'reunion'
(Actually its just my pa and bro since pa went here for some meeting as usual)
apa lagi..mari membelasah makanan since we got our beloved father to pay it for us
bak kata my bro , 'xhal..bapak baya' ..haha.cruel us xp
then we chit chat a bit macam setaun x jumpa punya borak
but my eyes cant stand any longer, so i sleep earlier than them
the next day, it is what we call shoes-clothes-rings-and-sandals-hunting.
quite fun n tiring at the same time.

for the rest of my hols,
i got my own holiday marathon already

monday - chemistry
Tuesday - maths
Wednesday - physics
Thursday - bio
Friday - computer studies

hope i can cope with that.
ngaa i miss my home terriblyy!!
mom dad!! i want to go home!!
please please!!
hahaha..i wish i can say that in front of them
if i have my own personal jet
for sure i'll go back home EVERYDAY

cant stand the tense at here
peeps looking and analysing the book 24/7
yea its true
just have a peek at aussie 8
i dont know what they are reading bout everyday
dictionary perhaps..ish3

so back to my holiday
nite is sucks here!!
damn that mr mosquito!!
already fogged this place still they wandering and 'gigit2'ing homo sapiens anatomy
pa ku merepek nih??
papa laaa

actually i need to study
but what to do
my dear brain is too saturated rite now
juz continue tomorrow laa
want to zzz already
so bloggy
hows your hols??

im out

p/s i miss kak ngah, adek, mak cu, mak, and tok penghulu.

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