15 August 2008

I LoVe FrIdAy

i love friday
why? because friday is the indicator of holidayy!!
which means i can sleep like a log for a longggg dayy
hahah..so today is so far not so good

presentation is damn sucks!
why?? ask me la..
im the one who are not preparing anything
plus those other hatred thingy
ahh..left that thing aside
malas mk cita

so..writing bout??
bout?? can i juz refresh my memory at intec for about a month already??
macam pernah ulang jer ayat
who cares
so there is minggu mesra siswa which was kinda fun i guess
fun la fun la
new peeps new frens new activities new environment
after that we had erm placement test fpr english n math
up until now, i dont know my marks for maths
double dont care

then we had senior junior nite,then ausmat election then malam merentas zaman then ausmat parade the?? bla bla bla bla

all of em in one month.too busy haiyaa
but its okay la..
baru jak sem 1

actually im depressing myself rite now
paloi paloi
hope everything will be even better soon

yea..i love a song entitled thats not my name!!
amazingly, ive heard it when ausmat parade cheers n juz now esls presentation by those three guys behind me!! hahaha bagos2 juz play the song frequently ok mr dj??
ok ok before i talk crappy crappy,
juz want to blah to get something to eat
so im out
bout the pics..later ek??


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