09 August 2008

im back bebeh!!!!

hoi hoi!!
sorry didnt update this blog for a looooonnnnnngggggg timee!!!
i know i havent update since the day i register in intec uitm
after a month, baru i can update this sengal thingy
so sorry dear blog!!

hmm..life here is damn hectic
hectic tertahap hectic
after registering, we got the mms (minggu mesra siswa)
then after the mms week, back to school as usual
got frens aka housemate that gila-gila +mengong
let me introduce them to u all k??
first and foremost..jeng jeng jengggg

Name :Rose Nazihah
nickname : rose' aka kak ngah aka miss nud
birthday : lupe.hahahahahahah

she's my housemate, roomate, and laughmate. talkative one with senget head.hahaha. she really admire nud nud which her day can be very bright after a call from nud nud.as usual , the loud always make havoc situation.ngahahah..

k the pic of the girl who suaping food into her mouth is is my "MAK"
hahaha.she is my housemate. at first i thought she's the silent type of person.but after a week and two, doh!! same jew!! SENGETT!! hahah. a girl named Irwani, juz call her wani, kelantanese girl (wewit cek mek kembang) love ...erm...let me think..hmm.. sleep, sleep n SLEEP!!! yaaa thats it!!! sleepy head gurl!! n one more, she loves to eat but she never finish her food.ish2 membazir jew, actually she's just beside me laughing while im typing describing bout her.hahaha.senget kan kan..more bout her?? hmm.. nothing laa...juz proceed to the next person.haha

okeyy okeeyy..last but not least, in the list of my dear housemate, name given as liyana.preferred to be called as anna sui,ngahaha,,xda laa..juz kidding..anna jer. klang mali!!! how should i describe her?? she's quite reserved but she got the XxX genes that similar to us. SENGET GAK!! adui..maybe it is my fate to met all the sengets as my housemate.tauk la aku ngeng juwak. date of birth?? alamak,,lupe lagi,..hehe so sorry guys asek telupe je nihh..nanti2 aku hafal ek,. this pink lover erm erm..x tau la chek camner nak describe.yg pasti mmg senget.haaa..she always sanggul her hair like siput sedut until she been called as "Budak Sanggul". we used to call her adek since she's the youngest among us.dah la youngest kecik plak..mmg patut laa.hahaha

so all in all,,i only can describe that to u guys at this moment since i dun have any idea to write anymore.it just that i like them n very glad to have them as my housemates. we laugh, we eat and we go out together.hope that we'll be housemate until sem 3.(hoping hoping please please...).right now, i just type everything that pop out from my berkarat head,hahaha.so i guess i stop for today and maybe update more tomorrow k??

here are some of our photo.. sorry for the kekeringan pics.i didnt have time to upload the pic from my phone yet,ehehe,,tgk aa 2 gamba lu.

_out_ blahhh

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