20 August 2008

things bout me

these are all about me, da xda keja mok polah, meh kite tgk apa ada dengan saya ;P
(juju,mek amek aa..boring tok..sorry n thanxx!! haha)

1- my name is azreena.people call me eein except for my teenage-hood fren who love to call me ajina.

2- im pure sarawakian, aku lahir kat miri membesar di bintulu. hehehehe

3- im the youngest and the only daughter in my family, aku ada 3 abg nakal. fullstop.

4- im not arrogant or unfriendly like what ppl may think of me.but kalo x kenal wat pa nk tego?

5- i sleep in various position.jgn hairan kalo pagi2 aku tjatuh dr katil. =p

6- i love cats, i have 2 cats, 7 kittens. mum intend to give some of the kittens to someone else.

7- i spend more than RM50 for reload per month especially at this s. alam area

8- i cant sleep if there is the existence of mosquito, bising banget!

9- i can cook, but im too lazy to cook ;p (juju!! kita serupa!!)

10-my english is sucks actually.especially in speaking.urghh

11- im a shy person.hahaha

12- i miss my village although there will be conflict everytime we go there.ish2

13- i'm good in study, am i?

14- i'm into medical site, i love biology but i cant stand that memorizing part.

15- i tend to get bored with people easily

16- i can be cruel.hahaha.but most of the time, i didnt show my anger.alala

17- i use lipbalm, lipstick and anything related to lip. (huh?) i wear eyeline and mascara too

18- i'm currently single n lovin it

19- i love choco and ice cream!!

20- i tend to be secretive.

21- i prefer keep myself&my life low-profile

22- i wear spectacles since primary4

23- i love shopping

24- owh, my bday is 24 march!

25- i love all my friends! hahakk
to be continued ;p

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