22 November 2008

new attempt

loads of things had happened recently
maybe one post wont be enough to tell u about all of them
but I'll try my best to describe the memoirs okek?
so 17/11 ,after the maths madness exam which is describably disaster
we having an attempt of 12 hours non-stop touring Shah Alam and kl

we choose time square as our evening main event
but before that we went to sg wang to take some photograph
byk yg x jadi that photos actually but
dont give damn about it since kitorg enjoy
and as bukti untuk percubaan gilak kami ini

then after the photo taking session , we went to play until we got bruise at ts
"main sampai lebam, bak kata rose"

at there, we pening2 lalat soon after we play that pusing2 thinggy!
sumpah aku anti mende pusing2 360 degree non stop for my whole life!
causing me to vomit yang euwww. and the interesting part, sandal rose terkoyak.hahaha.beli baru je la ..kesian die.ngeh2

here some precaution if you went to play until lebam at the TS
  1. go there when schoolday. not school holiay or public holiday ok?
  2. eat before you play! seriously.perut kosong will easily cause you to have the urge of vomitting
  3. DO NOT PLAY the PUSING one if you are the easily-got-headache-0or-dizzy person
  4. prepare yourself with an empty bucket or plastic bag so that you can vomit in it while you are playing
  5. Do not chew gums while riding those dizzy thinggy
  6. enjoy yourself by playing bumper car! hell yeah it is fun!
  7. bring extra money for food and etc
  8. bring enough friends to buat suasana to become gempak
  9. jgn kacau budak kecik! nanti diorang kacau balik!

enough with the vomit story,
after menggilak kan diri there
we bought ourselves some sweaters that comel2 and colourful like rainbow

continuing our attempt and mission,
we went back to shah alam
mengisi our empty stomach at thai restaurant
then we tawaf shah alam area until i dont know and care how many rounds already
we just like

"eh bukan dah g sini ke td?"

"kalo x tau g jalan area2 kat sini, x tau la"

"warghh!!! *sambil menghulurkan kepala ke luar tingkap*"

then we melepak at syed bistro and the warung kopi *i prefer to call it warung kopi* opposite to the bistro
since it already like 2++ am
xda tempat len nak g gak
we melantak makanan melepak and minum2 with apoi until subuh
seriously.apoi cam ADLIN AMAN RAMLI.nasib x dye rambut je

then we change our port to the padang there
since i mendesak to see the sunrise
*idea tiba2 keluar*
n there it goes our day

sorry if this post may bored u
since my rumet rose already post about this in her blog which is more interesting and nicer i bet =)
i juz summarise a l and menokok tambah a bit of what she write in it.

neway i had a blast and unforgetful moment that day
thanks so much guys!!
sayang korang gilak!
nanti wat lagi okek?

neway dear eein,
home sweet home gaga!!
i'll post another one later keh?


Anonymous said...

cecece..aku bsunuk gak tp reti gak balik uma...kakakaka...
itik pulang petang bkn pulang pagi ye..hehe

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

ala platypus,
ni itik alaf baru..
curfew die flexible..
x balek pon xpe.
ha ha haa.

yANn said...

wah...bia btol sampe suboh takorg tok bjalan ba..

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

bena yannn..kluar pkl 3.++ pm, balit kol 7++ am esok nya.heeee

bajumerah said...

hm we all had an attempt of 16hrs non-stop lepaking , not 12hrs . hahaha . and no after girls out late incident being mentioned here . TQ

tokalisuper said...

haha.rules ble g cosmo ts.ad unsur2 inspired by tokalisupe tu.kne bg kedit oke.huha

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

bajumerah ;
if after girls out late dipostkan di dalam blog ini, kompom sume kaler baju komen blog saya.hahhaha

tok ali ;
andalah sumber inspirasi sy.nak kedit? tolong promote blog je leh??

sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

jgn kacau budak! yes..
bodo punye budak kecik belagak nak mmpos..naseb wanie tak tempeleng jer..

one more thing.. ko tetelan gum ke time maen menda bodo puseng2 tu?hahahhahaah

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

aku tetelan n nak tekelua balik time muntah tuh,,yuckk!!

sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

btw..rajen ko update blog pnoh smgt?hahahha

bajumerah said...

hahaha (gelak guling2)
tak tau plak kau tetelan chewing gum . nak naik sgt amik kau

p/s: haa bgs la tu. nnt sume org nak coment tbe2 aku terfemes plak . tu yg aku mls