01 February 2009


Seriously, i'm bored! so buat la mende ni. I'll try to make this thing as simple as i can eh. heee :) (k putri 2009)

So, here it goes!


link to the person that tag you
post the rules in your blog
share 6 important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself
tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
let them know that they have been tag by leaving comment on their blog
reply to me when they have finished

6 things/ habits / quirks about me:
1) I love to eat! Food is my best best thing that i love so much. chocolate, ice cream, fried chicken , nasi briyani. gah i'm hungry! if u want to trat me dinner? just text me or give me a ring okayy? :)

2) I always put my phone scattered everywhere. under the bed, in the cupboard, sometimes my phone left near the sink after washing dishes. heee. someone help me to vanish/curb/buang (choose one) this habit of mine!

3) I love shopping! really? yea!! i think so. hmm. hey i love buying things. so it is shopping rite? (monolog dalam diri. abaikan )

4) I always wanted to have a nice vacation to my own home n my own bed! saya rindu sama katil saya!!!! (this wish just had been made after not going back to bintulu for about a month.)

5) I tend to make joke. im hilarious? no. funny? still no. full of sense of humor? half only i guess. hahah. n yea! i love my friends! so be my friends! hahahaha (promot dirik ka?? papa la)

6) Last but not least, I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. (again, K putri 2009)

I tag :
1) rOSE keding
2) juju
3) jiban
4) roscella
5) ali
6) safwah


EeinSebagaiBeta said...

aku tau ko syg aku lbeh.. duh~

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

msti la

putri said...

hahahahah caliiiii ktkkk kmk indah jadi reference, asa polah assignmnt jak oh. hahaha. :D

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

ya lah. ber citation indah koh. hahahaha

tokalisuper said...

tanak wat.

zeeyann=bijann?? said...

aku baik so aku tagged ko blik~
wpun aku da lmbt lbh kurng 5 hri..