11 April 2009

taekwondo championship

Date : 28&29 March 2009

what happened?
ITC organizing INTEC 1st closed and invitational taekwondo championship 2009

who's involved?
ITC club member n some AUSMATIAN and A-Level peeps. (skati aku je letak. haha)

sorry 4 long the break from blogging. its been a while for me not scribbling anything here. ive been so busy with the event i mentioned above, an i-think-i-want-to-collapse-to-do and OMG-we-dont-have-that-enough-crew event.

we r not having enough sleep or so-called sleepless nights on that week preparing all the thinggy needed 4 the event. some situation may be emotional but we can overcome it with patient and passion. haha. ignore me.

so back to the event, an interesting even tho since i never been to watch any before this. it is my first time wow!! FIRST TIME!! all the contestant and participant look full with enthusiasms on that day. all of them keep on punching the thing that look some sort of punching back that smaller in size (i dont know what does that thing is called).

perlawanan for each bout took about only 5 min max. so sekejap gilak la tgk they beradu tenaga berlawan. tp tetap best until someone got injured at their lips, their nose and not forgotten for those who got cramps. tape2. demi perlawanan, haha

and us as the crew, enjoying our time while doin our job, dah la malas nak bebel. alalal
some pics of us~

bersama dua orang sengal. naquib dan hisyam sebagai pengawal untuk mengecek semua peralatan para peserta.

CREW gilak

crew lagi. girl power ditonjolkan! hahaah

muka -muka selepas keletihan. terima kasih kerana sudi menolong ya! =)

antara situasi yang penuh beremosi


Anonymous said...

eheh..eein smaller puching bag y ko ckp 2 its call tagek..n u dun punch it ..u kick it..

aa..mouth bleeding??

sYeNgEt ke senget?? said...

lol.. eein ni.. aku ingat menda pe la punching kecik tu.. menatang bentuk cm ayam gorent tu ke... laaaa

EeinSebagaiBeta said...

mane aku taw name die. hahaha..
mouth bleeding. anda terasa kah?
eh rose. tau la lapa sampay bentuk menatang tu pon cam ayam goreng lak tuh,. x tahann

Syasya1901 said...

okay eein...
punching bag 2 snang ko sebut target beg beras...
kerana event ini aku miss esls pada hari isnin krn bangun lambat...