06 May 2009


can you imagine?
being stressed and pressed
by object that uberly heavy

can you imagine?
being the one who are always being blamed
for vanishing the children's breakfasts?

can you imagine?
if one day
you only have 2 teeth left
although you are only fifteen years old?

can you imagine?
being with the one you not that fancy of
just in order to catch the fame
and can eat the ice cream as full as the stomach can spare

can you imagine?
if your skin can be changed
and he next day
your skin turned green?

can you imagine?
if all of your friend that you have
ignoring you
and left you only with "lets dance" video game

can you imagine?
how bored and fed up and stucked this post is?



1 comment:

roomatecomel said...

can u imagine if one day aku ketok ko kerana post blog mengunakan font untuk org buta?? hahahha