18 July 2010

sydney was awesome!

quick late update. (i dont think this is an update.)
i went to sydney on 12th until 15th.
with bunch of friends and couple of tour guide. haha
it was awesome!
went sightseeing at university of sydney and then went to chinese garden after that to the opera house and the docks?
i dunno the name. harbour something perhaps?
OH YEA! darling harbour
its beautiful
met the silverman (tho he was quite scary at first)
we took picasa and it was awesome!

me at the chinese garden

us at unisyd. look how small we are.

pakcik silverman. i think he is pak cik. cam tua je. haha

lagi. budak kecik menjejak kaki di opera house

yet still a lil sad because only three of us. me wani and mia since usually we gonna take pic of complete 6 .

the trio. rakan2 yang len seperti hasnor liyana dan rose. kita ambek gamba bersama lagi nanti yea. takbest la tak cukup org :(

next day we went to featherdale park. awesome!
met and squash squeeze the koala and wallaby. luckily kangaroos are hiding at their refuge centre
oh yea, i played with goat's horn too!!

tak ingat la yg tu kangaroo ka wallaby

a day after that we went to blue mountain
took 2 hours using train
and it was freaking cold!!
colder than melbourne in winter.haish =.=
naik train, cable car and did a lil jungle trekking
since it is ultimately cold, we frequently consumed (haha vocab sumpah tak berkembang) hot choc and chips. nice combination for a cold day. weee
met the 3 sister's rocks
they are really ROCKS! i mean cool rock not the stone but the other rocks
hahahahaha fun fun fun

on the last day, we went to Paddy's market (which is similar to Victoria market in Melbourne) to buy some souvenir. honestly, we can get like 90% of the goods sell there in victoria market except for the i love sydney tshirt. haha

so that was the way i spent fraction of my winter hols on other people's place. syndey, check. next destination: any suggestion?

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