12 October 2010


Today is Tuesday (12 October 2010). There are only about.. hmm.. (counting with finger) .. 16 more days before the final exam second semester. Now the tense is rising up high to the sky. Really need to geared up and revising all the subject. Who says that university is a bit relaxing? Nope. Not at all! When the exam is around the corner, there is one unusual symptom that are marked as a sign of exam fever. This may not occur to everyone, but MOSTLY people do have this symptom. THE EXAM FEVER symptom is eating more than 6 times per day or more accurately, eat every time you see food! Orang kata makan saja sebab perlukan tenaga untuk study. Well, my brain said yes please but my legs ask me not to eat a lot! haaa badan, tolong jangan buat macam ni :(

oh well, in relation to the title of this post, today is raining. I like the smell of rain. It reminds me of rain :P

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