24 November 2010


my holidays are great. Go and munching everything that i had craving for. Waffle, sushi, nasi ayam, nasi campur and all. Oh well, I'm going out with my friends too. They were all growing up already. When we went to the Sushi King yesterday, the cashier claimed that we looked like we are in tertiary educational level ( I don't understand why the cashier told us about that. urgh). We used to be called as budak2 wherever we go. Tak best nyaaa

And I went to the beach as well. Nice one but not many people there. I wish someday I want to swim with you. To be more specific, I want to wrestle you under the sea water. Bahahahahaha

My family doing great. Everybody going home since my brother is getting married. Mama and Ayah looks very happy. I'm very happy for them too.

I'll update more later. You take care of yourself. Study harder for your uni exam. I know you can do it :)

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