12 July 2011


If I can be a superhero, I want to be like CLAIRE BENNET! 
Do you guys know her?
Claire is the girl in the middle. Duhhh. nama pun Claire.

I like Claire the most because she has the power of lizard!! I love the power minus the lizard! Can you imagine, you accidentally cut your hand and then for like 40 seconds later, wallahh!! The cut disappear without any scars. hah! Who does not want that? Most of all, I dont have to worry about the pimple scars :P

If I have this superpower, I would like to run from Melbourne back to Malaysia which I don't care how long it would take me because yeah if I dislocate my knees or something I just can fix it rightaway. Oh that's heaven! hahaha. That means that I dont have to worry about plane tickets hotels or anything. I just need food. How awesome is that? 

Batman pun kalah sebab batman only have the extra advanced gadget to fight his opponent. Batman jadi superhero pun sebab kaya. Tak aci owh. Its better to be cicakman rather than Batman. Superman is awesome too. Because he can FLY! and STRONG. I want to marry Superman if I can because later on our child will able to fly and I don't have to worry if the child getting hurt because she/he can heal by him/herself. ;P

Furthermore, Claire is HOT! and she's a cheerleader! Oh it can be expected that she is a cheerleader since she can bend her body and be very flexible. She's a lizard, in human version. hahaha. So if I am not good with my study, I can continue my career as dancer or gymnast or anything. Best kan kan kan. :D 

So, no to Batman, no to Superman, no to Power Rangers, say Hello Claire Bennet :))

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