15 July 2011


Last night, I went to sleep with Adele's and Meg and Dia lullaby. Before I am able to sleep, I was wondering, few weeks before, I went to sleep listening to other songs. Tu baru weeks, not years before. And then I looked at my phone, wah. canggih dah sekarang. Dengar lagu guna handphone. hahahaha. 

At first I used to listen to this thing. I think it was back when I was in early high school. Sanggup beli kaset nak dengar lagu backstreetboys. heh hampeh. haha   

And then maju sikit, guna discman, this one save me lots of money. I just download my fav songs into my laptop and burn it into a disc. Same thing, I used to have this when I was in Form 3. Boarding school takleh bawak laptop. ceh.
Maju sikit masa masuk form 4. Sebab discman besar super. MP3 is more convenient and tak payah nak beli bateri AA kalau dah kong. :P

And then tadaaaaa mp5! Boleh tgk video. No more just sound no image. :D 

Sebab pemalas nak carik banyak2 gambar, now there is iphone and ipod which I really want to posses one day. Maybe next year. uuuyeahhh. Tengok suma gadget2 ni rasa macam dah tua sangat dah sekarang ni. Dulu kaset je. sekarang suma fail kecik2. hmm.. 

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