10 October 2011

For that, I thank you

Its been ages
since the last time we met
I am so sorry that, I am too busy with stuffs
although we seldom talk
but you should know that I always thinking of you

your smile, your eyes
the way you laugh
the way you talk

gosh I miss those days

when we can argue over stupid things for the whole day long
when we always talk about random stuff
how you always say that you wanted a house next to mine.

how I like eating your food instead of mine
how I joke about the way you speak
now I even miss the way you scolded me when I eat chicken instead of fish.

People say you are beautiful, nice, intelligent
but for me you are just the silly you. stupid as me. idiot. joker.
we laugh, we cried, we made each others day.
In the short period of time, 
you  have been the best thing that ever happen to me
for that, I thank you.

Peace :)

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